Monday, July 19, 2010

Tomorrow is the Big Day for the Republican Primary for Insurance Commissioner

Drum Roll Please.

Months of waiting are fixin' to be finished and we'll all get to see who the republicans pick as their top choice or top two choices for this fall's election. At one time there were ten republicans vying for John Oxendine's old job, then there were 9 and Tuesday night the field will be much smaller yet.

Here's the merry crew like you didn't know already:

Dennis Cain
Rick Collum
Seth Harp
Ralph Hudgens
Tom Knox
John Mamalakis
Stephen Dale Northington
Gerry Purcell
Maria Sheffield

The $64 dollar question is which one or ones are gonna pass go, collect $200 and do it all over again for another month. What a grind. I have my personal picks for political reasons which I will happily reiterate for the readership. At least the readership here in Georgia that might be inclined to vote in Tuesdays republican primary to skew the field for the fall elections.

Simply put, cast your vote for Maria Sheffield. Help make sure that there are two women and one man (Yours Truly) on the ballot this fall. That ought to kick start the discussion so the citizens of our great state can figure out which one of us is best suited for the rather thankless job of Insurance Commissioner. I look forward to the clash of ideologies that Mary and Maria will bring to the race, almost as much as any other cat fight I've ever witnessed.

Being the invisible Libertarian will be great fun no matter who my opponents are but the mind reels with the possibilities of the sorts of attack ads they'll resort to in the closing weeks of the campaign. I'm gonna stick to basic Libertarian stuff like smaller government, lower taxes and more freedom or maybe the new and improved Maximum Freedom Minimum Government mantra. We'll see what tomorrow night brings!

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