Saturday, July 24, 2010

Unverifiable Voting Proponents Win Big in Georgia primaries

Some interesting stuff from Garland Favorito and the primary results as viewed from the perspective of verifiable voting. Looks like the the "Green" effect has yet to strike Georgia, or has it already?

From Voter Georgia:

VoterGa Supporters,
Proponents of “no evidence” unverifiable voting won by big margins in the Georgia primaries conducted on Tuesday July 20. While some people were surprised at some of the outcomes I don’t think there were many real surprises from the perspective of those of us who are long time advocates of verifiable voting. Here are some of the intriguing results:

· Roy Barnes, won the Democratic gubernatorial primary in a landslide getting nearly two thirds of the votes in a 7 way race. Roy was the governor who supported Cathy Cox’s purchase of $54 million in unverifiable voting equipment. That equipment did not have an independent audit trail of each vote cast as required by law (O.C.G.A. 21-2-301(b) of the 2001 Ga. Election Code)

· Karen Handel, suddenly surged in the last week before Election Day and won a solid 10% point victory in the Republican gubernatorial primary that had 7 candidates. As the former Secretary of State, she reversed her position and supported unverifiable elections while taking about $25,000 in direct contributions from individuals connected to the voting machine vendor lobbying firm, Massey & Bowers

· Brian Kemp handily won the Republican Secretary of State primary by a 59-41% margin. He is the incumbent Secretary of State who is responsible for counting the unverifiable votes in Georgia’s 2010 elections. Kemp also reversed his position and opposed the legislature’s HB1215 verifiable voting bill after saying that he would be willing to lead the charge for the legislature

· Gail Buckner, handily won the Democratic Secretary of State primary by a 13% margin in a field of 5 candidates. Gail is the only person in the entire state legislature on public record as opposing all four 2006 statewide legislative initiatives for verifiable voting and precinct audits

· Georganna Sinkfield gained the second run-off spot against Gail Buckner by 3% over Angela Moore, a long time verifiable voting supporter. Georganna entered the race in the last couple of days and split the black vote that otherwise would likely have given Angela Moore not just a runoff spot, but the primary victory.

Does something smell sort of fishy about all of this? You decide.

Roy Barnes and the winner of the Karen Handel - Nathan Deal runoff in August will be on the ballot with Libertarian gubernatorial candidates John Monds in November. Brian Kemp and the winner of the Gail Buckner – Georganna SInkfield run off in August will be on the ballot with Libertarian Secretary of State candidate David Chastain in November. If Georgians want verifiable voting anytime in the near future all of us must cast more informed votes in the upcoming elections this year and provide early support for the candidates that have our values.

Also we still need your help to take this fight into federal court with the new evidence of vote manipulation that we have collected. I don’t think I have made a plea for funds in over six months but Freedom is not free and we need your assistance. Unlike candidate contributions, all VoterGA donations are fully tax deductible and 100% of the funds collected will go to offset legal fees as we are an all volunteer organization. Please click here to make a donation or mail your contribution to:
Voter GA P.O. Box 808 Decatur, Ga. 30031

Thank you,
Garland Favorito
404 664-4044 CL

The readership should really think about providing Garland with some funding to do some additional investigation and kick start the lawsuit effort. It's tax deductable after all!

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