Thursday, July 15, 2010

The Republicans have started Ragnarok in the Insurance Commissioners Race

It was bound to happen.

The republicans have begun eating their own as the clock ticks down to primary day on July 20. With so many competing for so few slots a bare minimum of political skulduggery was to be expected as the perceived front runners try to Mozambique each other out of the impending run-off.

Candidate Seth Harp's press release today was two-fer as he sent a broadside across the deck of the SS Hudgens over Ralphie boys inability to read, understand and comply with the State Ethics Board requirements for campaign finance reporting. As soon as the smoke cleared the sound of heavy artillery in the distance confirmed that the big shells had also landed square on the forehead of republican Gubernatorial candidate John Oxendine.

Most of it was dedicated to talking bad about Ralph but the last paragraph was my personal favorite, to wit:

Georgia’s Office of Insurance and Fire Commissioner is already operating from under a dark cloud of corruption and now Senator Hudgens’ campaign is following suit. Georgia can’t afford more of the same.

Is he talking bad about the OX? You betcha. And he should because John Oxendine is Georgia's version of that Blagojevich cat up in Illinois. Seth just needs to remember that the Ox ain't in this race and running against him is on page number one of my playbook. Stick to needling your direct opponents and leave the Ox to me.

I want to remind all of you Libertarians who are gonna play in the republican primary to be sure to vote for Maria Sheffield. My dream ballot reads like this:

Shane Bruce L
Maria Sheffield R
Mary Squires D

Headliner, Baby, Headliner.


  1. Sheffield is an Oxendine clone she worked on the Ox campaign, worked under Ox as attorney. They also have financial contributors in common almost $70K in common contributors. Sheffield even donated $3k to Ox’s campaign. Here is the evidence

  2. I concur.

    That is the primary reason I want her on the ballot this fall as opposed to somebody like Gerry Purcell or Steve Northington. Maria has some serious liabilities in the general that I will exploit during the fall campaign.

    Add in the fact that I would be the only male candidate in the Insurance Commissioner race and I think that gives me the best shot at causing a run off and actually being in it.

    So Patriot, please vote in Tuesday's republican primary and vote for Maria Sheffield for Insurance Commissioner. Help a brother out, OK?

  3. Well at least you're honest, that you'd like to run against the weakest candidates. However i'd be concerned that the party line voters would vote one of them in. I'm supporting Purcell. He IMO is the best choice for Georgia.