Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Republican Ralph "Huggy Bear" Hudgens Finds an extra $100,000

I wish I had that kind of scratch just laying around.

Republican candidate for Insurance Commissioner Ralph Hudgens screwed up for the second time in less than two weeks when he dumped another $100,000 bucks into his campaign to pay for this weeks media onslaught without posting a 2 business day report down to the state Ethics Commission.

The two business day report is designed to provide the citizens of Georgia with campaign finance info on our stellar political leaders by making them report any surges in donations including loans exceeding $1000 if said donation/loans were received between the last report due before the election and the election.

So candidate Hudgens went out and bought a media buy to entertain us all with pertinent imagery and profound voice overs designed to assure the citizenry that he is the one to lead the Insurance Commissioners office. And he forgot to tell the State Ethics Commission about a measly $100,000 dollar loan to make that TV magic happen.

Hopefully he won't screw up again before the 20th and have to exit the race. If he does, who will Maria Sheffield have to face in the run-off? Seth Harp?

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