Thursday, July 8, 2010

Karen Did What?

Ethics? Ethical? Really? Really-Really?

Another bombshell from Georgia's hardest working single issue activist, Garland Favorito, on past shenanigans down at the SecState's office under the past SecState, Karen Handel. Check out his latest missive below:

Press Release July 8, 2010

Voting Rights Watchdogs Cite Ethics Issues, Call on Handel to Withdraw

ATLANTA, GA – Leaders from two of Georgia’s largest voting rights watchdog groups personally appealed today for former Secretary of State (SOS) Karen Handel to withdraw her gubernatorial bid on grounds of unethical conduct during her tenure as Secretary of State. The leaders, John Fortuin, co-founder of Defenders of Democracy, and Garland Favorito, founder of VoterGA, presented evidence that Mrs. Handel:

took $25,000 in campaign contributions from individuals directly connected to the voting machine vendor lobbying firm, Massey and Bowers

reversed her position and supported Georgia’s unverifiable voting machines while accepting the contributions

appointed a former lobbyist partner, Rob Simms, as her deputy, thus allowing the lobbying firm to have undue influence and control over the SOS office

conducted politically motivated investigations as cited in many of 63 impeachment articles filed at the General Assembly against her Inspector General, Shawn LaGrua

Watchdog leaders also challenged state and local news media to investigate ethics questions evenly for all candidates. Mr. Fortuin elaborated: “These are some of the most serious ethics charges that have been raised against any public official. They illustrate in part, how the Secretary of State’s office has been an epicenter of political corruption for eight years. Former secretaries have historically gotten a free pass from state and local media on ethics questions even when unethical conduct shows them to be unfit for public office.”

The leaders contend that impeachment articles and supporting documents cited in a Lowndes County State Election Board (SEB) case clearly indicate how a voting machine technician was framed to cover-up violations committed by an elections supervisor who was an acquaintance of Karen Handel. They also cited a December 2009 SEB petitioning case where as chairwoman Handel referred a former county commissioner for a felony forgery investigation even when there was no probable cause and no evidence that he ever forged any petition signature. The commissioner was petitioning for another commissioner to run against a personal acquaintance of Karen Handel. Both victims in these cases have offered to be available to the press.

Media Contact: Garland Favorito (404) 664-4044

The HR1714 Articles of Impeachment:
A May 24, 2010 analysis of the ethical issues cited:
Documents concerning Lowndes Co. SEB case:

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