Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Stirrin' the Pot over at the Gwinnett Daily Post

Google is a wonderful thing.

I bumped into this recap of the state of the race over at the GwinnettDailyPost.Com and had to add additional info. It's not like my campaign can afford earned media at the moment. The readership is encouraged to head out and read the entire article to get the skinny on my democrat opponent, Mary Squires. Looks like she's building a warchest with $131,000 in the kitty. Quite daunting.

Here's the post

Greetings All,

Nice to see some up to date info on democrat candidate Mary Squires since the oxygen is getting eaten up by the thundering herd of republicans vying for John Oxendine's old job. To complete the picture, here's some up to date info on the Libertarian candidate for Insurance Commissioner Shane Bruce. The big news is that the Libertarian Party of Georgia will field a complete slate of statewide candidates this fall and I have to honor and privilege to be one of them. My main focus for the Insurance Commissioner race will be to:

-Move Georgia from 8th highest auto insurance rates in the USA down to 49th, where we like to hang in education.

-Fully staff the Fire Safety office

-Use the bully pulpit of the Commissioners office to reduce Georgia's horrendously high insurance premium taxes.

More info? Google Libertarian Shane Bruce.

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