Thursday, June 17, 2010

Neal Boortz Likes Nathan "Stinky" Deal? So do We!

Stirrin' the pot over at the AJC Georgia Elections Central.Funny how an off hand comment from our buddy Boortz can turn into a major political endorsement. Head over and join the fun!

Bludgeon & Skewer
June 17th, 2010
4:36 pm

Greetings All,

We’re in a state of shock over here at the Secret Underground Libertarian Command Center (LCC) on the news that radio personality Neal Boortz has endorsed republican candidate Nathan “Stinky” Deal for Governor of Georgia! It’s not often that we agree with Mr. Boortz’s political endorsements here in the great state Georgia as he has consistently recommended republican candidates over Libertarian candidates to his listeners while occasionally identifying himself as a person with Libertarian leanings. Such is life.

In this particular case we whole heartedly agree that ol’ Stinky is the man to lead the republican effort this fall and we sincerely hope our brothers and sisters over in democrat-land do us a favor and pick King Roy as their standard bearer. The image of our guy, Libertarian John Monds, standing on the stage with those relics of the past in the televised debates will provide the citizens of Georgia with a stark contrast of choices this fall.

To help make sure that happens, we are encouraging our Libertarian brothers and sisters to throughly enjoy themselves on primary day and go the polls and vote once they’ve decided which primary they want to play in. And if you’re playing in the republican primary, go ahead and vote for Maria Sheffield for Insurance Commissioner! Our Libertarian Insurance Commissioner candidate Shane Bruce will be glad you did!

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