Monday, June 28, 2010

LP Press Release Time!

Hot out of the box from State LP HQ!

So far this has been picked up by the Athens and Rome newspapers, guess we can expect the Atlanta media to report on it when the SecState updates it's candidate website. Remember, it's not news until the SecState says so.

The readership is invited to attend the qualifying session if you have time or inclination and the best place to park is the parking deck on the east side of the towers on Jesse Hill Drive. It's an excellent opportunity to meet our 10 statewide candidates as well as two State House Candidates that will be on the ballot this November.

June 28, 2010
Contact: Brett Bittner


The Libertarian Party of Georgia Qualifying 12 Candidates Tuesday, 1 PM

With the state of Georgia's qualifying period for Independent, Political Body, and Non-Partisan candidates now open, the Libertarian Party of Georgia will be qualifying ten candidates for statewide office and two candidates for State House races to appear on this November's General Election ballot. Unlike the Democrats and Republicans, who qualify in April to select their candidates via primary next month, the Libertarian Party of Georgia nominated candidates via convention without cost to the taxpayers on April 24, 2010.

The 2010 slate of candidates for the Libertarian Party of Georgia includes:
U.S. Senate - Chuck Donovan
Governor - John Monds
Lieutenant Governor - Dr. Rhonda Martini
Secretary of State - David Chastain
Attorney General - Don Smart
State School Superintendent - Kira Willis
Commissioner of Agriculture - Kevin Cherry
Commissioner of Insurance - Shane Bruce
Commissioner of Labor - William Costa
Public Service Commission (District 2) - Dr. James Sendelbach
State Representative for District 51 - Brooke Nebel
State Representative for District 59 - Brad Ploeger

Who: Libertarian Party of Georgia and their slate of candidates
What: Qualifying for placement on the General Election ballot
Where: Secretary of State's Election Division office:
1104 West Tower
2 MLK Jr. Dr.
Atlanta, Georgia 30334

When: Tuesday, June 29th at 1:00 PM, Eastern Daylight Time

The Libertarian Party is Georgia’s third largest political party and the only party in Georgia promoting fewer taxes, less government and personal liberty for all Georgians. To learn more, please visit

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