Sunday, June 27, 2010

It's Final, Libertarian John Monds Takes 4th place with 12% of the vote in the Georgia Education Alliance On-Line Straw Poll!

4th place ain't first, but 4th out of 15 ain't so bad.

In a surprising finish, Libertarian John Monds finished in the top tier of candidates in the recent Georgia Education Alliance poll that concluded Saturday. The first place finisher, democrat David Poythress, pulled 28% of the online vote, followed by republican Nathan Deal, democrat Dubose Porter and then our guy, John Monds.

While this poll strangely inverts the results from other recent polls, it did include the Libertarian candidate the others have ignored. Perhaps John Monds strong showing will increase the likelyhood that the next poll after the primary will give the respondees the chance to voice their opinion for the Libertarian candidate.

Here are the results:

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