Sunday, June 27, 2010

Augusta Chronicle Reporter Walter Jones Reviews the republican Insurance Commissioner Debate on GPTV

Hey, maybe the mojo is working.

Great news on the Commissioner of Insurance Race! Reporter Walter Jones from the Augusta Chronicle was one of the panelist's in Friday nights GPTV insurance commissioner debate put on in conjunction with the Atlanta Press Club. I watched it from the comfort of the mancave and even recorded the closing arguments for later study.

Here's the kicker, I got a name mention in the article! Nice to know that media people in Georgia's second largest market are aware that the Libertarian Party of Georgia has fielded a full slate of statewide candidates this year. Kudos to Mr. Jones for presenting a complete picture of the state of the race to readers in Augusta. How long will it take for the Atlanta media to follow suit?

We Libertarians have a lot offer the citizens of Georgia this fall. All we ask for is an opportunity for our message of Maximum Freedom and Minimum Government to be heard. The ongoing Atlanta media blackout on our candidates and our party do not serve the people of Georgia well. The fact that we have candidates for every statewide office this fall has been ignored and under reported since the conclusion of our annual convention on 28 APR 2010. A convention we paid for with our own funds, unlike the taxpayer supported primary's of our democrat and republican brothers and sisters.

Once again, Kudos to Mr. Jones. Keep up the great work.

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