Saturday, May 22, 2010

Stirrin' the Pot over at the MDJ Online

The Insurance Race is getting coverage!

I saw a great article over at the MDJ Online about republican candidate Steve Northington by Dick Yarborough today and had to post. If Mr. Yarbrough is looking for an underdog in this race, then he ought to be looking here.

Here's the breadcrumbs I left and I invite the readership to head over and join in the fun:

Greetings All,

Nice to see Candidate Northington getting some earned media in the Insurance Commissioner race. When you're in an 8 way republican primary for a statewide office every mention helps.

I'm Shane Bruce, the Libertarian Candidate for Insurance Commissioner and I am watching this this race closely as I will be facing democrat Mary Squires in the fall as well as whoever wins the day in the republican primary. One question for Mr. Yarbrough, which one of the republicans is a political activist? I thought I was the only candidate that had used that phrase within the last year. Is somebody stealing my thunder?

I wish candidate Northington well, but I think his candidacy is doomed. The best guess over here in LibertyLand is that candidate Hudgens will be in a runoff with candidate Sheffield after the primary and as is the norm with republicans and democrats, money talks and losers walk.

As one of the three choices on the ballot this fall, I would prefer to be facing democrat Mary Squires and republican Maria Sheffield as that would make me the only guy in the race. Is Georgia ready for a female Insurance Commissioner? I hope not.

So keep up the good fight Candidate Northington, do your best to influence the debate and help steer the discussion towards matters of interest to all Georgians. I'd suggest looking at:

-The 42 Insurance Mandates in Georgia that all Georgians pay for whether they use them or not.

-Georgia's Insurance Premium Tax, one of the highest in the USA.

-Ethical considerations about taking campaign donations from the industries the Office of the Insurance Commissioner regulates or from the law firms that represent them.

-Georgia's ranking as the 9th most expensive state for insurance products in the USA. Why aren't we 49th like we are in education?


Shane Bruce
Libertarian Candidate for Georgia Insurance Commissioner

Update Time: Looks like Dick did not care for my post. C'est la.

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