Thursday, May 20, 2010

State of the Race for Insurance Commissioner

Good Glower Huh?

One of the best things about running for the Insurance Commissioner gig is that with all those wiley republicans out there trying beat each other down and make the run off, most of the hard work gets done. By somebody else.

Here's a real gem from the website of republican candidate Maria Sheffield wherein she belittles the fundraising efforts of her brother republican candidates and calls front runner republican Ralph Hudgens a flat out crook. The backstory on the ethics investigation is that Ralphie dumped $106,000 out of his State Senate campaign funds into his Insurance Commissioner campaign improperly. Or illegally. Or in the dead of night in a graveyard. Surrounded by democratic henchmen.

OK, those last bits I made up.

With a great big old hat-tip to Maria, here's some snippets:


By Maria Sheffield, on Apr 19, 2010

With seven Republican campaigns filing reports which reflect money raised, the Republican Primary for Insurance Commissioner can appear – at first glance – to be a competitive race among several candidates based on a quick glance of the executive summary pages of the financial disclosure reports.

However, a more in-depth look reveals the facts of where the campaigns are in terms of their ability to raise the dollars necessary to run a sustained, professional, statewide effort.

Three candidates - Knox, Purcell, and Logsdon have loaned themselves more money than they have raised.

Two candidates - Harp and Northington have less than $50,000.00 cash on hand.

One candidate - Hudgens faces ethics violations relating to a potentially illegal transfer of $106,000.00 in campaign dollars.

The fact is the office of Insurance and Safety Fire Commissioner is important to Georgia taxpayers for many reasons. The Republican Party must not allow this office to be occupied by an anti-free enterprise, big government liberal Democrat.

I imagine Mary Squires will be surprised to hear she's anti-free enterprise. The big goverment thing is a toss up. If you would like to see the whole thing with it's really cool spread sheet complete with red ink then head over here and enjoy.

If Maria survives her run off against Hudgens then I'll be running against a female republican lawyer and a female democrat ex State Rep/State Senator. And they'll both have a lot more money than me.

I can't wait for the General Election

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