Friday, May 28, 2010

Stirrin' the Pot at the Savannah Morning News

They keep ignoring us, I keep pointing it out.

You gotta love the folks over at the Georgia Political Digest since they log almost every political story written by the traditional media here in the great state of Georgia. It makes my job as a candidate easier because I don't have to spend countless seconds looking at all those papers in Augusta, Columbus, Rome, Macon and Savannah. When you're running a one man part time shop aspiring to statewide political office, time matters.

Any way, the Savannah Morning News ran a nice piece on republican candidate Seth Harp written by reporter Larry Petersen which the AJC's Georgia Elections Central blog picked up as part of that 13 newspaper realignment gig they cooked up this month. I've already commented over at the AJC but felt compelled to go for the double whammy down in Savannah. Here's the post, any of the readership residing down in that neck of the woods is invited to join the fray.

Greetings All,

One important point absent from this article is the fact that the winner of the republican primary will be facing two opponents this fall. The republican primary will eventually resolve itself and I am of the opinion that Candidate Sheffield will win the day in the run off. Money talks and losers walk.

Mary Squires will represent the democrat party and I am the candidate of the Libertarian Party of Georgia.

As the Libertarian Candidate, I will be focusing on the following issues that confront and confound the Citizens of Georgia daily.

Why is Georgia ranked as the 9th most expensive state for insurance products in the USA? Shouldn't we be at 49th like we are in education?

Why does our state legislature saddle the citizens with 45 insurance mandates? Shouldn't the citizens be able to make their own decisions about the types of coverages they want?

Why does the state of Georgia have one of the highest Insurance Premium Taxes in the country? What can be done to reduce it?

I am a first time citizen politician representing Georgia's largest third party in this fall's elections. If you are tired of the same old same old and want to see some actual change for the better, then Vote for Libertarian Shane Bruce for Insurance Commissioner.

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