Tuesday, April 6, 2010

SecState Brian Kemp Goes After Vote Fraud But Still Can't Guarantee all the Votes Get Counted!

That's so nice,

Looks like SecState Brian Kemp is looking for more gravitas in the 2010 election cycle by putting out the brand spanking new "Stop Voter Fraud" website over at the SecState's cyber shop. It's refreshing that the citizens of Georgia are encouraged to scout around for possible voter fraud and send their suspicious activity reports in for additional analysis by the infamous SecState IG office. The same office that screwed over Laura Gallegos and Jeff Rayno evidently is looking for more opportunities to repeat the process on a new batch of Georgians.

The real question is what is the SecState doing about the Diebold Menace? Where's the brand spanking new website detailing all the changes that should be made so that the citizens of Georgia have confidence that their votes will actually be counted? Where's the freakin' beef?

It's time for Georgian's to make some changes and the best change that could be made at the SecState's office is to elect Libertarian David Chastain this fall.

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