Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Ray Boyd, The Man in Black

Shocking News Kids,

Morgan county business man Ray Boyd just dropped a 20KT backpack nuke into the middle of the republican primary for Governor today. OK, no nuke, but 2 Million bucks is 2 Million bucks. And it's his money, not the filthy lucre of a bunch of lobbyists intent on getting all their money back with a hefty 2000% markup.

2010 is indeed the year of change. According to Big Jim Galloway over at the Political Insider, Ray has just had it with the normal ebb and flow of republican politics in Georgia and decided to do something about it. 2 Million bucks worth of something.

Will Ray's sudden entrance in the race cause any of the lower tier candidates to fold their tents and move on? Will the "leading" candidates be forced to recalibrate and get ready for a squeaky clean novice who's already called them all on the carpet? Are the opposition researchers already digging through courthouse records to find something, anything that could put Ray in a bad light? Hell Yes.

The only thing that would have made the events of the day better is if Mr. Boyd had declared for the Lt Gov as a Libertarian, we're still looking for a suitable candidate for that slot and he would have been a fine addition to the team for the run this fall. So if things don't work out over there in republican land, give us a call Ray, there's plenty of work to do for Liberty.

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