Friday, April 2, 2010

Only 22 Days Left until The Libertarian Party of Georgia Convention!

Time to polish up the Tin Hats,

The state convention is bearing down on Georgia Libertarians like a Freedom Tsunami as the 24th of April draws ever closer. This raucous annual event will see Libertarians from all over Georgia gathering in one place for one day to get our slate of statewide candidates selected and elected, pick the Chair, Vice Chair, assorted district reps, Ex Con members and other leadership and support positions within the party.

We'll be dealing with administrative ash and trash in the morning session and listening to leading Libertarian lights like US Senate Candidate Chuck Donovan and Georgia Gubernatorial Candidate John Monds during the afternoon session. We'll also be hearing from State Senate Candidates David Montané and Brandon Givens who will be knee deep in their respective contests by then as well as Libertarian Taylor Bryant of State Senate District 22 fame. It's going to be a very busy convention and if you're thinking about joining us, stop thinking and get to doing.

The Liberty Train is pulling out of the station on April 24th, jump on board and take it for test ride this fall!

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