Friday, April 2, 2010

Libertarian David Chastain is running a Catch Phrase Contest

Contest Time Kids,

Libertarian Candidate for Secretary of State David Chastain is looking for a suitable Catch Phrase to anchor his fundraising efforts on. In the spirit of cooperation, Bludgeon and Skewer are pleased to present the following for his consideration.

#1. David Chastain, not a liar like the old SecState.
#2. David Chastain keeps his promises unlike the old SecState.
#3. David Chastain will fix the Diebold Menance, not just talk about it like the old SecState.
#4. David Chastain will count ALL the votes, not blackball voters like the old SecState.
#5. David Chastian will serve his ENTIRE term, not quit like the old SecState.

OK, OK, those aren't the catchiest catch phrases ever devised and some of the staff here at the secret underground Libertarian Command Center (LCC) think they're lacking something. Not visceral enough. Here's version two.

#1. David Chastain won't lie like a rug like Karen Handel.
#2. David Chastain is not a handpicked lap dog like Brian Kemp.
#3. David Chastain's last name doesn't rhyme with manatee like Doug Mcginnitie's does.
#4. David Chastain wants Ballot Access Reform, those other guys can't even spell it.
#5. David Chastain can't be bought. Go ahead and try, we dare you, we double dog dare you!

We'll continue to work on this until we come up with something more or less acceptable to the candidate and the public at large. If any of the readership want's to take a crack at it, leave a comment or two. You can see the bar is not all that high.

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