Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Libertarian Kira Willis Fires a Broadside at Kathy Cox

News from the State School Superintendent Front,

here's the latest missive from the Kira Willis for State Superintendent campaign:


I read Kathy Cox’s letter to the editor the other day about her disappointment in not receiving the Race to the Top (RTTT) grant monies. I find it ridiculous that the DOE would even waste its time on applying when here in Georgia , we have bigger fish to fry. The money is 400 million dollars. That’s a lot; however, the mandates that come with the 400 million dollars will exceed the grant funding that we would receive! Georgia is dead last in graduation rates according to, roughly the same as it was when the Reagan Administration published “A Nation at Risk” in the 1980s. Since that time, and especially since Kathy Cox has been our State School Superintendent, more and more money has been funneled into our schools, yet we see no improvement. We have students who can’t pass basic skills tests, schools that cheat to earn more funds, college freshmen who can’t keep the HOPE scholarship (60% lose the HOPE their first year at college). We have teachers with huge classes, teachers who are unable to teach because of all of the mandates that are imposed and tests that are scheduled.

I predict that with the 400 million dollars will come more and more onerous positions to ensure that the money is “adequately spent”, and none of it will actually get to the students in the classrooms. This is another “bone” tossed out to appease the public. All this money will do is create positions that do not have any direct contact with students.

Kathy Cox, how about doing your job instead of pandering to politicians in DC? Washington can keep the money and the mandates that come with it. For that matter, why not allow schools to address the needs of their individual communities? That is when you will see improvement.

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