Wednesday, April 14, 2010

inDecatur Blog Covers the LP Debate at Famous Pub!

Great Big Ol' Hat Tip To inDecatur Blog,

Fabulous Photo.

The first DeKalb county Libertarian sponsored debate has come and gone. Turn out was pleasantly heavily Libertarian and while it wasn't SRO, there was a good crowd in the room. We're happy to report that no chairs were thrown, no glass was broken and every one in the room was respectful of the candidates, at least until the last of the official questions were posed.

Libertarian candidate David Montané and Democrat Candidate Tom Stubbs expressed their positions on the main topics of the evening, The Death Penalty, Medical Marijuana/Decriminalization and and equal rights for all Georgians. Fire works occurred on the last official question about the constitutionality of the recently passed Obamacare legislation. The rebuttal phase lasted forever with a lot of spontaneous input from the crowd, it was getting a bit edgy but smoothed out nicely towards the end.

The two other candidates in the race, democrat Jason Carter and independent Steve Patrick were unable to attend due to schedule conflicts. They missed an excellent opportunity.

We're still in the process of compiling the video and as soon as we figure out how to get it over to the Bludgeon & Skewer YouTube Channel, it'll be ready for your viewing pleasure.

Once again, thanks to Dave Kell at inDecatur blog for stopping by and putting together that snazzy photo.

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