Friday, April 30, 2010

Libertarian Candidate for PSC 2 Dr. Jim Sendelbach Speaks at the Convention

Here's another member of the Libertarian Roster running this fall.

Dr. Jim Sendelbach shares his memories and thoughts with the Georgia Libertarian Convention last Saturday. This will be Dr. Jim's second campaign carrying the standard of Liberty in a race that has seen a horde of republican locusts show up for the republican primary including John Oxendine's old campaign manager, Tim Echols.

What's in the water over at the Insurance Commission office? We've got the Ox running for Governor, the Ox's hand picked chick Maria Sheffield running in the Insurance Commissioner race and now his old campaign manager running for PSC 2. Looks like cronyism is alive and well in the great state of Georgia.

You can help put a stop to that by heading over to Dr. Jim's FaceBook page and volunteering for his campaign. Every little bit helps!

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