Friday, April 30, 2010

Libertarian Brandon Givens Gets FaceTime in the Gainesville Times and at Peaches in Regalia!

Earned Media Time Folks,

The fine folks over at Peaches in Regalia led the way today with coverage of Libertarian Brandon Givens participation in a candidate forum last night sponsored by the Four Corners Tea Party way up in District 49 at the Mulberry Creek Community Center. The shindig was moderated by talk radio personality Martha Zoller who had total control over the course of the forum and the questions posed to the two candidates that managed to show up.

The biggest news to come out this event to the crew at Bludgeon & Skewer is the fact that the leading fundraiser in District 49, republican Butch Miller, could not appear because of a previously scheduled event. Where have we heard that before? Oh yeah, right here in District 42, where leading fundraiser democrat Jason Carter couldn't attend the Libertarian Party of DeKalb County's debate for the same reason. So there you have it, republican Butch Miller and democrat Jason Carter have something in common. Disdain for their opponents and contempt for the public.

That kind of behavior seems to afflict candidates with big bankrolls, they dodge forums they don't sponsor and do not acknowledge the fact they have opponents on the ballot. With less than 2 weeks to go before the special elections in District 49 and District 42, there's only one scheduled forum that's going to be held and it ain't in district 49.

What can the voters of district 49 do about this? Simple, push the button for Libertarian Brandon Givens and send a Libertarian to the Georgia Senate!

Vote for Smaller Government, Lower Taxes and More Freedom! Vote for Libertarian Brandon Givens for State Senate 49!

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  1. With all due respect, I don't see how a previous engagement commitment translates into "disdain for their opponents and contempt for the public." With the upcoming special election, I'd expect all candidate's schedules being planned weeks in advance and don't allow much room for variations. Without any knowledge or absolute confirmation, it might be a bit presumptuous to lay such charges against Mr. Carter or Mr. Miller.