Saturday, March 20, 2010

Undecided's Poll Position Unchanged in Latest Rasmussen Effort

Get This Kids,

It's a slow news day unless you're on the Bury MacBerry Bandwagon (BMB) but there is yet another Rasmussen poll to consider. It's been covered by Jason Pye and the fine folks over at Georgia Politics Unfiltered but here at Bludgeon & Skewer we don't much care about the named candidates. It's all about our guy, Undecided.

In the latest Rasmussen Poll on the Georgia Governors race, Undecided did pretty damn well. The head to head results:

Barnes vs. Deal Undecided gets 13%
Barnes vs. Handel Undecided gets 14%
Barnes vs. Oxendine Undecided gets 11%

If you throw in Undecided's ugly sister, Other, the numbers get close to the magic number of 20% +1:

Barnes vs. Deal Undecided = 13% Other = 5% Total 18%
Barnes vs. Handel Undecided = 14% Other = 5% Total 19%
Barnes vs. Oxendine Undecided = 11% Other = 6% Total = 17%

The Governors race in 2010 should be the main focus for Georgia Libertarians as it is the best chance the LP's had yet to break the 20% barrier that keeps us in Political Body Land when we really, really want to be in Political Party Land. And by current Georgia Law, there are only two ways for the Georgia LP to make that change, get 20% of the vote in a Presidential election or 20% of the vote in the Georgia Governor's race. Guess which one is more likely.

So when early poll results show a combined Undecided/Other pool of voters hanging at or near 20%, we get excited. Could that slice of the electorate remain in the U/O category all the way to November? Will they fall prey to the "Lesser of Two Evils" syndrome that plagues American politics? Can they be persuaded to cast their ballots for Liberty and vote for John Monds in November?

We're dedicated to finding out so we'll be following Undecided/Other all the way through the primaries and making the case for Liberty to the best of our ability. Don't throw your votes away this year, cast your ballot for Liberty and Vote Libertarian. Vote for Smaller Government, Lower Taxes and More Freedom! Vote for Libertarian John Monds!

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