Monday, March 22, 2010

Libertarian Chuck Donovan Issues a Call for Action

Greetings All,

Libertarian Candidate for US Senate, Chuck Donovan, has issued a call for action in his latest FaceBook post. If the events of the last few days have opened your eyes, then you realize that the time to fuss is over and the time to act is at hand. The article is posted below for your reading pleasure and after you finish it head over to Chuck's Senate Campaign website and drop a dollar on the donate button, or better yet volunteer with his campaign.

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Chuck Donovan for US Senate, Georgia 2010
I am getting more and more offers of help for my campaign. To all of
you interested in liberty, as opposed to what the Central Politburo
continues to foist on us, and who wish to aid either my Libertarian
campaign or another one, here are my suggestions.

Don't wait until a campaign staffer of the candidate himself/herself
asks you. Take the initiative and make it happen. The alternative is
more of what you got yesterday, more of all the thievery and usurpation that came before it, and more of what is on the way right
behind it.

A political campaign needs some help with a number of things:

-Fund raising - The sad truth is we need money to run. A candidate with
a laptop and a social network won't cut it. Events of any kind need to
be arranged and coordinated. Candidates will make every one they can,
but you don't have to actually have the candidate there.

-Gatherings for your candidate to address - People of the Left, Right
and in between need to hear the message of liberty. Get people to
gather and find a candidate with the backbone to break from the
mainstream, and stand up to the status quo.

-Get your candidate to post documents you can download, print, and hand
out yourself. Help the candidate post the document if you can - .pdf is a good format to start with.

-If you can't do any of that, be sure to keep up with the candidate's
website, and continue to read, and study the message of liberty at places
like,,, and Turn to mainstream "information" only to keep up with a superficial outline of what is happening.

-Tell your friends to stop being afraid of the third party and be more
afraid of continuing the disastrous reign of the Democrats and
Republicans. Also, let them know there is a strategy for the
Libertarian to win, but it doesn't involve people voting for
Republicans because they call themselves "fiscally conservative", or
voting for Democrats because they call themselves "fair", "equal", or "caring".

-Finally, just two more words to support liberty, the Constitution, and
your favorite candidate - Vote Libertarian.

Just what do you think would have happened to things like the
so-called Patriot Act, FISA, No Child Left Behind, TARP, Cap and Trade,
Fannie and Freddie, the Fed, and Marxist Medicine had there been a
Libertarian Congress in place? Libertarians would have laughed them all out the door. Instead we have a shredded Bill of Rights and No Taxpayer Left Standing. How do you think the war would have been managed by a Libertarian Congress? Do you think Libertarians would have left you in your current situation of perpetual war for perpetual peace? Do you think Libertarians would have allowed the deadly national debt now hanging over our heads?

The recovery will begin when the recession hits the Federal government.
Libertarians want to bring it to them. It will happen when we sweep the Democrats and Republican so-called "leaders" out of office and replace them with with those who will divest themselves of the power Washington has tyrannically taken from the American people. It will happen with a principled leadership that will enforce an ideal of equal rights and protection, as outlined in our Declaration of Independence, that includes ALL Americans in their policies

Help us.

The mission is freedom.

The vision is now.

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  1. Please don't forget about Sarbanes-Oxley, which was the first major assault on the free market. Only three legislators voted against it:Ron Paul, Jeff Flake, & Mac Collins. Isaakson, Donovan's opponent, voted for it.