Thursday, March 4, 2010

Libertarian Chuck Donovan's take on Citizen's United vs. FEC

Hey Kids,

It's no secret that the guys and gals over here at Bludgeon & Skewer think Libertarian US Senate candidate Chuck Donovan is a hell of a guy. His latest posting over at Donovan for Senate proves it.

Chuck was invited to represent a Libertarian viewpoint at the John Marshall Law School panel on the recent Supreme Court decision on Citizens United vs FEC. Citizens United are the cats who tried to release a movie called "Hillary: The Movie" way back in 2008 and ran afoul of the Federal Elections Commission (FEC) because the release date was inside the approved window for such efforts. Chuck was the only panelist who was not a lawyer and his narrative of the event reflects that.

If you read his work then you'll see what sets him apart from the normal US politician. Chuck Donovan gets it. His esteemed opponent, republican Senator Johnny Isakson does not.

So head over to Donovan for Senate and give his latest post a good read. The website is over on the sidebar under Libertarian Candidate Websites but before you go, check out the adsense sidebar and see if there's any ads there for Karen Handel or Nathan Deal or Roy Barnes. If there are, take a quick trip to see what they are up to today, it's the easiest way to influence politics in Georgia!

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