Monday, March 1, 2010

Does Nathan Deal's Resignation Mean there will be a Special Election in the 9th District?

Will 2010 set a record for Special Elections in Georgia?

The big news today is that US Rep Nathan "Stinky" Deal has resigned his seat in the US House of Representatives to pursue his dream of becoming the next Governor of the the great state of Georgia. While the rest of the Georgia Blog-O-Sphere is ruminating about the ins and outs of this purely political move, good old Aaron Gould Sheinin over at the AJC's Gold Dome Live has uttered the magical phrase "Special Election".

Boys and girls, Stinky has really upset the old apple cart up there in the 9th and if there's gonna be a Special Election to see who finishes out his current term then there's gonna be a Libertarian on the ballot. The Georgia LP enjoys a lot of support up in that neck of the woods and we'll commence to beating the bushes for a volunteer to carry the banner of Liberty in that race as of right now.

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