Monday, February 15, 2010

State Senate District 42 Special Election Update!

Hey Kids,

Just went by the State Ethics Commission website to see if any more candidates have signed on for a run at Bundlin' Dave Adelman's old seat in the 42nd District in Decatur and the short answer is no. There are still the same three candidates listed, Jason Carter (D), Tom Stubbs (D) and the lone Libertarian David Montané.

Why the interest you ask? Because David Montané attended yesterdays Progressive Pot Luck in Decatur and rumors were swirling about the room that one or two more democrats were going to jump into the race this week or next as soon as Senator Adelman gets appointed to the Ambassadorship in Singapore.

Two more democrats! That'll raise the total to a whopping four democrats competing in the 42nd! Now where are the Greens? And what about the Whigs? Or a plain Jane/Jim Independent? Remember, all you have to do in this race to get on the ballot is pony up the $400 dollar filing fee and complete the paperwork at the SecState's office!

So don't delay, File Today!

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