Friday, February 19, 2010

A Special Election for State House District 176?

The Special Election Beat goes on,

Looks like we might be looking at another Special election here in Georgia to replace State Rep Jay Shaw (D) in district 176 way down in southeast Georgia. The fine folks over at Georgia Politics Unfiltered report that Rep Shaw has been elected to serve with the State Transportation Board in the First District. Congratulations Rep Shaw on moving on up.

It's also reported that Rep Shaw will serve out the remainder of this session before packing his bags and heading over to his new digs at the transportation board. So, will another special election be called or will this race have to wait for resolution until the general election this fall? We're betting on another special election.

And so, we put out the clarion call to any of the readership that might reside in District 176 or know someone who does to get in touch with the Georgia LP. If there's gonna be a special election in Georgia, we really want to put a candidate up.

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