Friday, February 19, 2010

A Democrat Introduces Another Ballot Access Bill in the Georgia House!?

Wow Kids,

You struggle with Georgia's 1943 Jim Crow Ballot Access Laws for years and it's like repeatly running into a brick wall without a helmet and then suddenly, all sorts of legislation starts raining from the heavens. The latest one is HB 1257 authored by Rep Alan Powell (D) 29th house district and co-sponsored by Rep Culver Kidd (?) 141st district, Rep Mark Hatfield (R) 177th district and Rep Tom McCall (R) 3oth district.

The gist of the bill according to the first reader synopsis is to remove all requirements for petitioning to gain ballot access here in Georgia. Sort of like it was in Georgia in 1942, when if you wanted to run for something you went down to the county registrar and simply told them to put you on the ballot. OK, it was a little more complicated than that, but not by much.

HB 1257 joins SB 359, HB 1141 and SB 406 in this years race for ballot access reform which causes those of us on the Libertarian side of the fence to ask the basic question: Why? Why the emphasis in 2010? What's different in 2010 that wasn't a factor in 2009 0r 2008 or 2007 or earlier. Georgia's ballot access laws were just as bad back then as they are today and yet this year's flurry of ballot access legislation is kinda like a freedom Tsunami. Why this year?

Could the nebulous Tea Party/Liberty/Thecurrentgovernmentsux movement have anything to do with this? You tell us.

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