Thursday, February 11, 2010

Libertarian David Chastain Fires a Broadside in Support of SB 359 and HB 1141

Let's get to it!

OK guys and gals, the words out on SB 359 and HB 1141 down to the State House and Big Dave Chastain has added his voice to the chorus supporting Senator Shafer's new bill and Representative Bobby Reese's House Bill that will realign politics in Georgia. Now is the time to call the members of the Senate Ethic's Committee and get SB 359 onto the floor as well as HB 1141. Don't Let these bills disappear!

Here's a copy of David's email:

Turn on the APPLAUSE sign!

Let’s discuss Ballot Access…

February 11th, 2010

As of right now, Georgia has the worst ballot access laws in the country. Most Georgians are unaware of the limitations and barriers the major parties have in place to prevent independent candidates and third parties from getting on the ballot

Two bills have appeared in the last week in our Georgia Legislature to advance the cause of ballot access freedom. Our thanks go to House Representative Bobby Reese and State Senator David Shafer for taking the initiative to begin the discussion on Georgia’s antiquated, bigoted and 19th-Century Ballot Access laws.
For the most part, the 1943 Georgia Election Code has never been changed. In 1943 there were over 120,000 Japanese American CITIZENS living in internment camps in the West. People throughout the United States were living in a state of fear.

Please. Take some time to read these two bills and then contact your State House Representative and State Senator to remind them, It’s NOT 1943 anymore!

Here are the links:

HB1141 ~ Elections; number of signatures for ballot access; reduceto reduce the number of petition signatures required for ballot access by political body and independent candidates for public office Sponsor: Representative Bobby Reese (98th)
Current Status: 02/04/10 - Senate Read and Referred
Committee: Ethics

SB359 ~ Voter Choice and Ballot Access Act; political bodies may nominate candidates for public office without necessity of a nomination petition
Sponsor: State Senator David Shafer (48th)
Current Status: 02/09/10 - House Hopper

Link: Click HERE
David Chastain
for Secretary of State

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