Thursday, February 11, 2010

Hold Onto Your Hat's, there's another Bill in the Senate on Election Law in Georgia!

This is getting Exhausting,

We just ran into a post over at Georgia Politics Unfiltered talking about newly introduced Senate Bill 406 that would make online voter registration a reality in Georgia. It's got four sponsors, Senator Staton (R) of the 18th District, Senator Williams (R) of the 19th District, Senator Douglas (R) of the 17th District and Senator Harp (R) of the 29th District along with some other cats that don't get a byline over at the website.

This is a watershed. Here at Bludgeon & Skewer we spent last year tussling with Ex-SecState Karen Handel over the issue of online petitioning and were consistently ignored over our repeated requests that her office look into the issue. The seismic shift on ballot access that happened over the last week with the introduction of Senator Shafer's SB 359 and Representative Reese's HB 1141 continues with SB 406. Now is the time to start banging the table for online petitioning as well.

If you can pay taxes online and perform a host of other tasks in the digital world, then you should be able to petition for candidates online. It saves money, saves time and provides more choices for Georgians.

Kudos to Senators Staton, Williams, Douglas and Harp for introducing this bill, now would someone introduce a bill about online petitioning?

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