Sunday, February 28, 2010

Libertarian Chuck Donovan, "Eliminate the Deficit"

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There's a new post up over at Libertarian Chuck Donovan's website that takes a look at our ever expanding national debt and offers a novel way to deal with it. The post is provided below for your reading pleasure and after you finish it up, cruise by Chuck's site a drop some money on his donate button.

We Don't Need a "Budget Deficit Taskforce", We Need to Eliminate the Deficit

Last week, Preside Obama signed an executive order to "create" a budget deficit taskforce. I thought we already had a "budget deficit taskforce". The President and the Congress are our existing budget deficit taskforce. Why do we need another?

The duty of this new taskforce is to report by the end of the year, what steps need to be taken to reduce the deficit. Why doesn't the taskforce get assigned the duty of reporting within the next week or two? Isn't this an emergency?

The stated goal of the taskforce report is to give the government ways to lower the deficit down to 3% of GDP. Of course you see right away that this is still a budget that will increase our debt. Nowhere in the order or in the intent, is there action to reduce our debt. Deficit spending still increases the balance we owe. Where and how does the President expect to get loans to continue this fiscal insanity?

We don't need to reduce our deficit. We need to eliminate it. The United States cannot possibly continue with the dangerous debt level we now have. Increasing the national debt will guarantee our economic collapse. The President's action, or virtual lack of action, shows me that even the President of the United States agrees with me. Congress and the President have failed their duty to exercise fiscal responsibility. The President is looking for someone else to correct the fiscal mistakes our Federal government has made and continues to make, but he is unwilling to make the difficult, unpopular decisions himself. He is looking for someone else to assign the duty to.

Look no further than the Libertarian Party. We don't have to be told that difficult, unpopular decisions must be made very, very soon. We don't have to be told that it is dangerous to ring up such gigantic debt. We don't need an unconstitutional, executive order, to form a powerless committee that will cost the taxpayers even more money, to tell us what we already know. We are ready to act, to lead, and to do the logical thing - to balance the budget without considering special interests, and to include a plan in the budget to begin the paying down of the national debt.

Then again, our mission is freedom. Eliminating the deficit and paying down the debt will free the American people. Eliminating the deficit and paying down the debt will begin a real economic recovery that will immediately improve all levels of Americans in a substantial and lasting way.

It doesn't take a "bipartisan commission" to figure that out, just plain common sense.

My mission is freedom.
My visions is now.

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