Sunday, February 28, 2010

David Montané's latest video Courtesy of Dave Kell over at inDecatur Blog!

David Montane at the Marlay in Decatur, GA on 2/25/2010 from Dave Kell on Vimeo.

Hey Kids,

Yeah it's got a kind of Film Noir feel and the audio gets stomped on by background noise but this is the real deal and you'll get to hear David talk about issues that his opponents have studiously avoided. Things like equal rights for ALL Georgians regardless of sexual orientation, ending the wretched war on drugs and a host of other topics like Smaller Government, Lower Taxes and More freedom.

Thanks to Dave Kell for shooting this little gem at David Montané's first Meet and Greet over at the Marley last Thursday night. Rumor has it that democrat Jason Carter is having Meet and Greet there tonight! Copycat. We're willing to bet he'll restrict his commentary to education blah blah, transportation blah blah and enhanced opportunities wonka wonka wonka.

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