Monday, February 1, 2010

Jason Carter Gots Signs!

Just in Kids,

The first Jason Carter yard signs are beginning to sprout in District 42! OK. OK, so that's not such big news, they were going to show up sooner or later. When your supporters ask you for a yard sign after you've collected $82,000 in campaign donations are you going to tell them no? Granted, the signs are not very inspirational, they appear to be the super cheap film signs but they are in two colors! Most importantly, they spelled the last name right.

Like we discussed in a previous post, the Carter Juggernaut will soon carpet the entire 42nd district with yard signs, banners and billboards to help Jason edge out his formidable opponents and all their machine money and manpower. When you're facing a guy like Tom Stubbs, you'd better get a jump on the competition and stake out your turf or you might be toast.

And if Tom Stubbs has got you nutted up, you could start wondering about what those asymmetrical Libertarians have up their sleeves, are they really gonna use soundtrucks manned by Blues Brothers Look-A-Likes? Do they really have a 24 foot tall illuminated mobile, modular replica of the statue of Liberty? And a deployment schedule and event plan for it? And what's up with the concept that Libertarian yards signs are to be considered Art first and Signs second? And what the hell do you do if they start talking about issues of importance to the voters of the 42nd. Something other than transportation blah-blah, education blah-blah and economic development wonka wonka wonka. What if they start talking about property rights, ridding the people of the scourge of victimless crimes and equal rights for ALL citizens?

To counter that, we suggest you guys put up a helluva lot more signs. Maybe some TV ads too. And don't wait for Bundlin' Dave Adelman to get confirmed and for the Governor to tell the SecState to open the qualifying period or anything, go ahead and run 'em now! Times a wastin'!

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