Saturday, January 30, 2010

The Curious Case of Jason Carter

What's wrong with this picture?

Sure, he's a good looking young guy from a politically connected family with tons of lawyer friends with really, really deep pockets. He's got the best developed campaign staff and presence in the Georgia State Senate District 42 race and at least $76,000 in the campaign kitty. Plenty o' money for push cards, meetings, yard signs and GOTV efforts if and when this race ever gets underway.

And he keeps asking for more. Granted, his web site is about as deep as a cheap postcard but how much space do you need to provide three bullet points about your generic platform issues. And the Donate button has it's own page! Excuse me, that's the homepage. The extent of his vision for the 42nd revolves around meeting economic challenges, improving Georgia's schools and fixing the transportation system. Don't expect any more detail than that because that's all you'll get at the campaign site. And another nice picture.

The FaceBook page shows over 1400 fans, which is pretty freakin' impressive for a local race in the state of Georgia. Message traffic on the wall looks to be top down, which is also to be expected and as a result, pretty dull. The most peculiar thing is the discussion page where a lone supporter asked Jason about his platform and the issues he wanted to address on 1 DEC 09. It's 30 JAN 10 and there still isn't a reply. Maybe he's been to busy with the face to face politicking, speechifying and fundrasing to spend any time on putting things like position papers in print. Maybe not.

He's the clear leader in fundraising, the clear leader in campaign organizin', the clear leader in FaceBookin' and the clear leader in keeping the begging bowl front and center.

So, what's wrong with this picture?

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