Friday, January 22, 2010

Messing Around over at Election Advantage

Hi Kids,

The work never stops at Bludgeon & Skewer. Slow news day? Then it's time for a media sweep, Woo Hoo! What's a media sweep you ask? Simple, pick a search phrase, any search phrase, and then see what pops up. That technique led to the discovery of an article over at Election Advantage about the recent Rasmussen poll by some dude named Matt. Nothing startling was there but he included the breakouts on Thurbert Baker that Big Jim Galloway ignored and, sigh, no mention of Libertarian John Monds.

So kids, you can tag team Election Advantage or devise and execute your own media sweep, but before you do, is it time to adsense bar? It's the best way to inflate the web metrics for our opponents, strip them of as much of their vital campaign cash as possible and provide beans and bullets for the merry crew here at Bludgeon & Skewer!

Here are the breadcrumbs I left at Election Advantage:

Greetings All,

A much more detailed breakout of the recent Rasmussen poll than Georgians got from the attendant AJC article on the same topic yesterday in which Mr. Baker's performance was hardly mentioned. Also not mentioned was the presence in this race of Libertarian John Monds, Rasmussen did list some percentage points for "Some Other Candidate" but evidently could not bring themselves to acknowledge the Libertarian candidate. This November there will be three names on the ballot for Governor of Georgia and Libertarian John Monds will be one of them. It might be in the interests of polling firms to include him as a candidate in their work to get a better feel for this race as it develops.

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