Tuesday, January 12, 2010

The Humble Libertarian wants to run John Monds for President!

hey Kids,

The Humble Libertarian has John Monds on the short list of guys to run for President to further irritate good ol' Harry Reid. I've already left some bread crumbs but there's nothing stopping you from contributing to an epic thread over there. Just click the title of this post and off you will go.

But before you do that, please do Bludgeon & Skewer a big favor and click on the Karen Handel ad on the side bar. It's a small thing you can do to increase Libertarian campaign funds and help drain off some of hers. What a two-fer!

Here's the post I put up:

Greetings All,

You don't get to run John Monds for President until after he finishes his first term as Governor of the Great State of Georgia. John is as capable a politician as there is and the Libertarian Party of Georgia is proud to have him as it's standard bearer for the November elections this year. We believe that his efforts in the Governors race will result in the transformation of the Georgia Libertarian Party from a "Political Body" into a full fledged Political Party in accordance with Georgia law. He is a great candidate and a great guy who deserves all the support you can send him. Vote for Lower Taxes, Smaller Government and More Freedom! Vote for John Monds for Governor!

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