Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Holy Crap, Now there's Two Republicans in the State House District 19 Special Election!

Can You Believe it?

Now there's two republicans in the race for Ex Speaker of the House Glenn "Where's My Pants?" Richardson's old seat up to the State House. As we disclosed earlier this week, the mysterious Mr. Daniel Stout declared first and is doing a damn fine job of remaining mysterious. And yesterday Mr. Ronnie Eugene Sibley filed his DOI with the SecState as a republican candidate. As of right now the Sibley campaign outnumbers the Stout campaign by two people and has a campaign committee, a treasurer and a Chairperson. An ominous sign for the mysterious Mr. Stout.

Meanwhile, operatives from the Georgia LP and other liberty minded individuals continue to search for a guy or a gal to field as a candidate in this race. Will we find a Libertarian in Paulding County? How about a C4L type? A Ron Paulista? Is it inhabited solely by staunch republicans?

Stay tuned as we continue the quest for Liberty in House District 19!

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