Thursday, January 14, 2010

Bludgeon & Skewer Rocket Up to #36 of the Top Fifty Blogs In Georgia on FaceBook's Networked Blogs

Hey Kids,,

Bludgeon & Skewer have raced up the charts over at FaceBook's Networked blogs and are proud to lay claim to position #36, a dramatic increase from our #49 position way back in the way back on January 8. We've added a few more followers as well and would like to say welcome aboard.

This little blog doesn't do national stuff very often, we like to stay focused on Libertarian Politics here in Georgia. We especially like to do our part for Georgia Libertarian candidates during the election cycle by providing as much cyber support as we can. And if you've dug as deep as the old Bludgeon & Skewer website, you can see that we do radio ads as well. All Great Fun!

So stop by every now and then and see what's cooking in the Giant Pot-O-Liberty! We're still looking for a candidate for State House District 19, we've got a great candidate for State Senate 42 in Decatur and we're watching Rep. Burkhalter up in State House 50. Lots to do for one and All!

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