Monday, January 25, 2010

Big Dave Chastain's Proto Site is up and Running!

Hey, Hey, Hey,

David Chastain's proto site is up and running! It's the perfect opportunity to drop by and leave a comment, volunteer or throw wads of cash at him. As the Libertarian Party of Georgia's declared candidate for the office of Secretary of State, David Chastain will take the field this fall with John Monds, Chuck Donovan and the rest of the Libertarian party to bring change to Georgia. If you want a regular ol' political hack knee deep in lobbyists, corruption and self agrandisement, then head over to one of the republican or democrats that are running. Cause you won't get any of that with David Chastain.

So, who's running you ask? Well a regular herd of republicans and democrats are thundering all over the state looking for traction in this race.

At the moment we have interim SecState Brian Kemp (R) filling the pumps vacated by Ex SecState Karen "What? Finish My Term?" Handel (R) as she pursues the Governorship and he has $243K on hand. Plus whatever the take was in the last minute lobby-fest the day before he was sworn in. That won't show up until the next report cycle.

Doug McGinnitie (R) is spending most of his time talking about what a scum bag Kemp is for stuffing his pockets with lobbyist cash a few hours before he was sworn in as interim SecState and is the king of the republican money hill with $704K in the bank.

Gary Horlacher (D) looking pretty sassy sitting on about $266,000 in the old war chest.

Gail Bruckner (D) is trailing in sassyness behind Gary Horlacher with $219K in the kitty.

Angela Moore (D) from Decatur is in play with $11K on hand and a song in her heart.

Micheal Mill (D) is the democrat loss leader with $304 Bucks in the campaign cigar box. Good luck Mike.

So we have two well heeled republicans and 4 democrats contending for the Secretary of State and one lone Libertarian. How will it break in November? Who can say, the only thing we know for sure is that David Chastain will be on the ballot. Of the six other candidates only two will survive their primary fights, hopefully spending all their cash along the way.

So Kids, head over to Dave's site and join in the fun! You'll find the address on the sidebar under the Libertarian Candidates section. But before you do, scroll up to the adsense column and click on any of the political ads, Adsense likes it and so do the candidates!

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