Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Stirrin' the Pot over at the AJC

Hi Kids,

It seems that Big Jim Galloway has taken his Christmas vacation and as a result, the Political Insider will be pretty inactive until after the holidays. Heavy sigh. I took the opportunity to put up a post in the coveted number one position to get the word out about Taylor Bryant's run for State Senate District 22, it remains to be seen if the "moderator" over at AJC will let it post.

Here's the post:

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December 16th, 2009
4:36 pm

Happy Vacation Jim,

I would like to call the readerships attention to the Special Election underway in State Senate District 22 in Augusta. It has three democrats and one Libertarian Candidate, Taylor Bryant, duking it out for the senate seat vacated by Senator Ed Tarver due to his selection as US Attorney for the southern district. It’s a great race with one singing democrat called by god, a one term state rep who is on the high road and doesn’t want to bicker with the lesser candidates on the ticket, a local pol who’s decided to move on up to the state house and the lone Libertarian who qualified to get on the ballot because it’s a special election with no petitioning requirement.

What with the Mayor’s race being done and all, perhaps the political junkies who read Big Jim’s column would care to cruise by the Augusta Chronicle and get involved with this race. It’s the first election of 2010 and Libertarian Taylor Bryant just might win. What a shock wave that would send through political circles here in Georgia!

Visit Taylor’s site and drop a dollar on his donate button! The election is in 20 Days!!!!

More to follow from your friendly neighborhood Libertarian Community Organizer!

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