Saturday, December 19, 2009

Great article over at Augusta's Metro Spirit on Taylor Bryant!

Hey Kids,

There's a great article on Taylor Bryant's run for State Senate District 22 up over at Augusta's Metro Spirit alternative. As far as I can tell, Metro Spirit kinda looks like Augusta's version of Creative Loafing and the work that writer Amy Fennell Christian did on this in depth interview is top notch. If you want to read the whole thing, click on the title of this post and off you'll go to Metro Spirit land. There's only one small disconnect in that Amy refers to Taylor as Kevin, but for all I know that may the name on his qualification form. As I said, a small point but one that should generate a secondary article correcting the discrepancy. I hope.

So, here's the post I put up, all of you should head over and put your two cents in to help Taylor continue to generate buzz and help the man get elected! While you're at it, cruise over to the sidebar and hit a few of the political ads, especially any that have the names Handel or Deal on 'em!

More to follow from your friendly neighborhood Libertarian Community Organizer!

Greetings All,

Kudos to Ms. Christian on the best article I've seen so far on the special election for Georgia State Senate District 22. It is important for the citizens of District 22 to look at this race closely because Libertarian Taylor Bryant is on the Ballot and offers a third path for political leadership. Voters in the 22nd district can repeat history by sending a democrat to the state senate, just as they have done for the last 20+ years or they can make history by electing Libertarian Taylor Bryant as their State Senator.

Keep in mind that the opportunity to vote for a Libertarian candidate is rare in Georgia for a state house or state senate position. Georgia's 1943 Jim Crow ballot access laws were written to keep third party candidates off the ballot and reserve the state of Georgia for the sole use of democrat and republican politicians. And those same democrat and republican professional politicians have run our fair state into the ground. No water plan, worst in the nation education and an ongoing circus of corruption and infidelity at the capitol. Do the voters of the 22nd want more that or do you seek change?

Take this rare opportunity to send the political elites a message. One that they will understand. Elect Libertarian Taylor Bryant as your State Senator and send him to the capitol to get some work done for your district, Vote for Smaller Government, Lower Taxes and More Freedom! Vote for Libertarian Taylor Bryant for State Senate!

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