Sunday, December 27, 2009

Bludgeon & Skewer get quoted by Roy 2010!?

If that don't just beat all,

I was cruising around the internet checking out the search phrase "Bludgeon & Skewer" when I chanced upon a likely link and discovered to my astonishment that King Roy's campaign site saw fit to link to us on the last little blurb we put out about Sec State Handel's resignation. I'm still astonished at the thought that our throughly partisan activities with the Ex Sec State would be included on King Roy's negative news aggregator (NNA) with the likes of the fine folks over at Peach Pundit, Creative Loafing and Lucid Idiocy. Those guys are many levels above our quaint little site. They do twitter and stuff like that.

I suppose when you're looking for negative opinions about the Ex Sec State you would be well served by stopping by Bludgeon & Skewer for a look see. From a equal ballot access point of view, I don't know of another political blog operation in Georgia that's been pushing as hard as we have to get the Ex Sec State to sit down and read Title 10 and Title 21 of the Official Code of Georgia. Hell, I read it and it seems to me that the ability to implement electronic petitioning rests squarely in the lap of the Sec State. Maybe there's some double secret legislative mumbo jumbo somewhere that says Title 10 and Title 21 really don't supercede previous code sections and maybe the Secretarty of State isn't the officer with whom the petitions are actually filed. Maybe.

But for all our hostility towards the Ex Sec State, we're not exactly in love with King Roy either. That's the best part of being a Libertarian. You can point out what a miserable bunch of career politicians currently run the republican and democrat parties here in Georgia. Neither one of them can get anything done, aside from excluding third party types from getting on the ballot. They are united on that one front. No competition allowed, you can vote for any candidate you want as long as he/she is one of ours.

So we'll keep an eye on Roy 2010 and see if any more leakage occurs. There's not a whole lot of good things to say about any of King Roy's potential republican adversaries at the moment. And certainly nothing good to say about him aside from the historical role he will play in Libertarian John Monds successful run for the Governorship of Georgia in November 2010.

In the meantime, don't forget Libertarian Taylor Bryants run for State Senate District 22 over in Augusta. The election is in 9 days. If you know anyone living in district 22, call 'em, email 'em, tweet 'em and tell them to get to the polls and vote for Libertarian Taylor Bryant!

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