Sunday, December 27, 2009

The Augusta Chronicle endorses the Wrong Candidate!

What are they thinking over there?

The mighty, mighty Augusta Chronicle issued a gushing endorsement of Candidate Hardie "Checks in the mail" Davis today in a move that stunned the local political scene in Augusta, Georgia. OK, nobody is stunned, hell, no one is even surprised. We've been watching the Chronicle for the last two weeks or so and will note that their coverage of Hardie Davis has been less than aggressive. He's their guy and he's always been their guy since Ed Tarver bolted for the greener grass of that US Attorney gig.

So how much weight does this revered publication have in the Augusta scene? They are the only daily paper still in business in Augusta, a quick dash over to their propaganda... er, circulation department just doesn't say much. A deeper look elsewhere reveals a claimed circulation of 75,000 plus papers on a daily basis and a readership of 200,000. Now with the population of the Augusta-Richmond County Metropolitan Area estimated at 534,218 people over at Wikipedia, it looks like the Chronicle gets read by a little under 20% of the population unless each of their print copies actually does get handed around to 1.5 other people by the original buyer. Way to share those newsprint resources Augusta!

So the only daily paper in the area lines up behind Candidate Hardie Davis, disses Candidate Harold Jones as a tool of the back room boys and describes Libertarian Taylor Bryant and the singing democrat Sandra Cannon as inconsequential. Are they right?

I hope that all politically active Augustans realize that this special election is special solely because Libertarian Taylor Bryant is on the ballot. Without him, this race would be the 20 year norm of one machine democrat trying to replace another machine democrat for a place at the trough. The people of Augusta are not normally allowed a clear choice due to our fair state's biased and un-american ballot access laws. The democrats set it up that way in 1943 to keep the republicans out of power along with assorted other threats and when the republicans finally grabbed the reins of government, they didn't do a thing to change it. So these days, in a normal election, you get to choose between a democrat who can't keep his fingers out of the cookie jar like Charlie Walker, or a republican who can't keep his pants on like Ex Speaker Glenn Richardson. Some choice.

But because this is a special election, the people of State Senate District 22 do have a choice. A powerful choice. The history of special elections can be summarized by one phrase. Low Turnout. Ed Tarver won that senate seat in 2005 because of low turnout. And Libertarian Taylor Bryant can do the same thing in this election if every conservative minded, tea party goin', liberty lovin' voter will go to the polls on or before 5 JAN 2010 and vote for him. It's numbers game that favors the electorate that normally gets their noses rubbed it every general election by the political machine of the Augusta democrat party. If 6000 Augustans vote for Taylor Bryant, there will be a run off between him and Hardie Davis, if 9000 Augustans vote for Taylor Bryant, he will be your next State Senator.

So think about it. There are easily 12,000 voters of District 22 that have not had any voice at the State Senate for the last 20 years, This special election gives you the opportunity to speak up for Smaller Government, Lower Taxes and More Freedom by voting for Libertarian Taylor Bryant. Don't sit on your hands, exercise your rights and vote. Vote for Libertarian Taylor Bryant!


  1. Hardie is solid. By far the best person to represent Augusta.

  2. C'mon Guys,

    If you went to the trouble to find our wee little blog, at least think of some kinda handle other than anonymous. I doubt that Candidate Hardie Davis is anymore solid than the rest of us and since he's not a Libertarian, ipso facto, he can not be the best person to represent Augusta in the State Senate.

    Thanks for stopping by!