Monday, November 2, 2009

Will Hoffman win?

Crazy Times, Kids, Crazy Times,

Looks like Hoffman is gonna win his race up in New Yorks 23rd district unless the polls are way off base or the republican/democrat machine can figure a way to massage the result. It seems that ballot access up in New York is a lot more American than ballot access here in Georgia, which is why Hoffman got on the ballot in the first place.

We'll never see that kind of congressional race in Georgia as long as our 1943 Jim Crow ballot access law remains on the books and continues to do it's outstanding work of denying the voters any semblance of choice. Of course the existing two party duopoly will turn a blind eye to this as it serves their purpose of maintaining the current plantation system along with their perks/privileges/prerogatives as well as access to a steady stream of campaign cash.

But I think a bell is ringing. I hear it faintly as it rolls down the Appalachian chain from the highlands of New York, to me it sounds like change. I don't think the republicans or the democrats or the media elites hear it yet. I don't think anyone hears it but Libertarians and those enthusiastic folks who went to the Tea Parties and the Town Halls with us back during the high summer.

It sounds to me like it is tolling for Smaller Government, Lower Taxes and More Freedom.

Kind of a Libertarian Bell. So we'll all see how thing go for Hoffman this week. We'll all read and listen to the established media and punditry as they try to spin it as win for their respective overlords on both sides and we'll make up our individual minds about what a Hoffman victory represents.

It will bode well for the Libertarian Ticket here in Georgia in 2010, John Monds for Governor, Chuck Donovan for Senate and rest of the merry crew are gonna push the Libertarian Litany of Smaller Government, Lower Taxes and More Freedom.

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