Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Tip Top Secret Libertarian 2010 Georgia Election Strategy, Part 1

Hi Kids,

We're completely exhausted over here at the Secret Underground Libertarian Command Center as we've been following tonight's election results in Atlanta, New York's 23rd, Virginia and the Peoples Republic of New Jersey on cable, the internet and various cell phone feeds and tweets. It's a staggering amount of info, replete with smarmy punditry analysis, full color graphics and really keen zoom-able maps. And littered through out it all are sage predictions about how the democrats are toast, the republicans are toast, Rockin' Barry O is toast along with quite a few derogatory comments about conservatives in general and those loathsome tea party types in particular.

We're feeling kinda left out of the mix at the moment. The Libertarian Party is the only operational third Party in the good old US of A. We're the only party to successfully field national candidates on a regular basis and the only third party with access to State wide races here in Georgia with out a petition requirement.

So in order to have our ducks in a row for the next election-fest in 2010 here in Georgia, the guys and gals thought we ought to get around to devising clever schemes to maximize our public footprint. Asymmetric methods to exploit traditional media for exposure to a broader base, cooly daddy stuff to do on YouTube, Facebook and the rest of the internet to give our Libertarian ticket better reach and a bigger megaphone. And do it all on a projected budget of Zero, Nada, Nuthin'.

Libertarians typically count campaign donations in the tens of dollars unlike our foes over there in republican-democrat land. We've never been awash with PAC money, lobbyist money or any other special interest cash. We're clean like that. Why would a lobbyist give any money to a Libertarian candidate? Everyone with half a brain knows the fix is in and whatever brand of republican/democrat candidate gets elected is for sale. At discount pricing. They're not so sure about us, we might have ethics or something.

So as the first part of our Tip Top Secret 2010 Georgia Election Strategy, we've decided to continue to study our potential opponents for the Governorship, Lt. Governor, Secretary of State, Insurance Commissioner, Attorney General, Agriculture Commissioner, Labor Commissioner and all the rest as the current gaggle of republican and democrat wanna-bees fight their way to and through their primaries. And when they're done and the winner is selected for the general election there will a Libertarian Candidate right next to them on the ballot. Our republican and democrat brothers and sisters will be worn out from their bitter primary fights and our guys and gals will be fresh and ready to dance.

And we'll "dance with what brung us". Smaller Government, Lower Taxes and More Freedom.

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