Thursday, January 17, 2013

A Blast from the Past, Bludgeon & Skewer Circa 2009

Begging for Money.. er,ummh.... Fund Raising! 14 JUL 09

Hey Kids,

Well, the old cash register is ringing here at Bludgeon & Skewer! Our nascent little website is actually making money due to the Adsense ads we have running on the site below the navigation bar. It ain't time to conduct a leveraged buy-out of CBS, but the fact that there is currently enough in the account to pick up a 12 Pack of Bud Ice blows us away. It's more raw cash than any of our other activities has raised, as opposed to the millions of dollars we have helped cost our republican and democrat friends in last year's run-off for the US Senate seat here in Georgia.  Who says the Libertarians can't effect change?

Which brings us the central theme of this particular screed. Fund raising. Beggin' for money. moochin' for moolah, simpering for samolians and all around caterwauling for cash. Your cash. If we don't get it from you, where are we supposed to get it? We sure as hell don't have any of our own. No rich Uncles here, or trust fund cougars charmed by our peculiar brand of political adventurism. In fact, our little organization is completely cash free. As for that little bit of change under the counter,  well, the cats got it.

But there seems to be a way that the ol' B&S campaign fund can grow. Not by using the money of our somewhat quirky readership, but by harnessing the power of the internet and the terrible thirst that traditional political campaigns have for email lists, Facebook hits and all sorts of other contrived indicators of shifting public opiniion and political currents. The really cool part of this idea is that not only can you, the reader, generate money so some good ol' Tin Hat polishin',  Heinlein readin',  Star Trek watchin' Libertarians can take a brick bat to the entrenched political parties, you can make it happen with somebody else's freakin' money! 

How can I do this you ask in astonishment? I don't have any money either! Haven't you heard there's a freakin' Man-cession going on? 

Brother,  we have heard and we are part of it as well. If business was good do you think we'd have time to think about politics? Hell no, we'd be out there working  to make some bucks, buy some kool stuff and spend more time honing our shooting skills. Like you we ain't got a spare cent. But there are evidently some folks out there awash with cash. The republicans and democrats. Political campaigns that is.

Times are so hard that some of them are payin' good ol' adsense up to $2 to $3 for a single hit. How do we know this at Bludgeon & Skewer? We read our adsense account info and see that at least one political ad on our site generated $1.13 hit on our site two days ago. A $1.13 for one stinking hit on a free website that gets about 450 visits a month. Can you believe that? We almost can't, but Google says its so. 

So here's the plan. If any of you like what you read on this site, scroll down to the bottom and click on one of the adsense ads under the navigation bar. Google calls this alternative content and it's supposed to complement the stuff you see here. And it does, my favorite is the ad for Al Franken, you know the democratic that successfully stole that senate seat up north. Click on his ad but be aware that McAffee does have a site advisory on it. Click just one ad please, don't go overboard and get all crazy and stuff. 

Here's the hard part of it, come back tomorrow and do it all over again. Just think about being part of a slow fuse money bomb with someone else's money. That's a hell of a joke!

More to follow from you friendly neighborhood Libertarian  Community Organizers!

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