Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Libertarian Election Night Parties Go Statewide in Georgia!

That's right kids, as of now you've three, count 'em, three choices of Election Night Celebration locations to pick from courtesy of the Libertarian Party of Georgia's county affiliates. All of you disaffected and unrepresented sovereign citizens in metro Atlanta can head over the Famous Pub in Toco Hills and attend the "Third Party Throwdown" with Dr. Don and his rowdy crew of direct action specialists. We're expecting visits from Libertarian Brad Ploeger running for the District 3 Public Service Commission seat as well as Libertarian David Staples running for the District 5 Public Service Commission seat.

Those of you over towards the 'Bama line can attend the Libertarian Party of Douglas County's election night soiree at Oz Pizza in Douglasville and cheer our statewide candidates onto victory without a horrendous driving experience. Think local, vote local, be Libertarian.

All y'all in Augusta can drop in on Central Savannah River Area (CSRA)/Augusta affiliate's election night shenanigans with Taylor "Bender" Bryant and his gang of Liberty Lovers at the RoadRunner Cafe. Be advised, Karaoke is rampant in this affiliate, prepare accordingly.

No matter which event you attend you can be sure that the discussion will be lively, strongly opinionated and open to all. So you can waste your time at your local democrat election night event where there will nothing but depression or you can waste your time at your local republican event where there will be nothing but gloating or you can have a great time breathing the heady fumes of Liberty with us Libertarians.

No brainer, really.

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