Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Fresh Demo AgiProp for the PSC District 3 Race

I don't think the guy in this video is actually Incumbent PSC District 3 Commissioner Chuck Eaton, but shave a few years and a few pounds off the Chuck Eaton I saw at the Atlanta Press Club Debate last Sunday and well, maybe.

This little bit o' vid comes to us courtesy of YouTube and some cat who goes by the handle of GAJournalist. He's got solid cred as a democrat activist and has 62 other jewels up on his YouTube channel. There are some startling numbers cited in this viddy like 226 missed days at work, 10 rate increases granted to Georgia Power and a six figure salary.

That salary sounds like a lot but it's about $123KPY. You can make that kind of money running a QT, not so many days off though.

Please remember that over here in LibertyLand,  there is no difference between a rent seeking republican and a dependency inducing democrat. Same coin, different faces.

So when you step into the voting booth on November 6, do the smart thing, Vote for Libertarian Brad Ploeger for PSC District 3.

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