Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Libertarian James Camp is Back in the News, Again!

The earned media keeps rolling in for Libertarian James Camp out there in the SD 30 race.

The latest mention of James is found over the the Times-Georgian article by Winston Jones. It seems that the Carroll County Tea Party Forum organizers saw fit to include James in the event, Kudos to the CCTP.

The main focus of the forum centered on the impending Charter School Amendment and sadly, James was not quoted. Congratulations to the Times-Georgian for the inclusion.

James's race won't kick off until after the general election so there's plenty of time to join his campaign as a volunteer, or send him a donation or whatever you can do to help the man out. Check out his website, drop by the FaceBook page and vote for Libertarian  James Camp for Georgia Senate District 30!

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