Sunday, September 23, 2012

Libertarian James Camp Back in the News

12%, Baby, 12%.

It's earned media time for the James Camp for Senate crew out in State Senate District 30. Hasten Willis with the Douglas County Sentinel just put up a update on the state of the race and lo and behold, James is in the second paragraph. Perhaps the Times Georgian should give it a read since they are apparently confused as to who is going to be on the ballot for  that race on 8 JAN 2013.

Big clue time: Libertarian James Camp will be on the ballot for sure.

His opponent is yet to be determined and that's why the 5 republicans currently competing in the republican primary portion of the special election are clawing and biting their way through the pack to see if one of 'em can get to 50% +1 and avoid a run off. According to Hasten, Bill Hembree is the guy. We'll see.

The readership is encouraged to follow the link to the Douglas County Sentinel and let their opinions be known. And then skedaddle over to James Camp's Facebook page and join the fray.

Vote for Libertarian James Camp for Georgia State Senate District 30!

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